9_326a 18/5/63

[18 May 1863]

The Saturday discussion on the India report; necessity of having local commissions in India and a home commission to advisel; unless some arrangement can be come to the Report will be merely a nine days wonder; report on plague at Calcutta in the Times.
4p Copy B.M. Add.MSS,45781.f.80
1. In order that the recommendations of the Indian Commission should be speedily and effectively carried out, F.N. devoted considerable energy to setting up the necessary administrative machinery. All the Commissioners were agreed that each of the three Presidencies of Bombay, Bengal and Madras should have its own sanitary commission.
However there was considerable disagreement as to the nature of the 'Home Commission'. F.N. suggested setting up a sanitary department at the India Office, a plan which was only later carried out. Meanwhile the Barrack and Hospital Improvement Committee at the War Office was reinforced by two members for India, Sir Proby Cautley and James Ranald Martin. For F.N.'s part in devising this machinery, see Cook, II, p.32-33.

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