9_315 23/4/63

4 Cleveland Raw S.W.
23 April 1863
States rules for appointments to the Army Medical School; no recommendation of any candidate would be of service; the D.G.'s underhand conduct (in appointing Mr. Longmore & Mr. Blenkins2) without reference to his colleagues on a private Committee has created tie deepest disgust at the W.O.' F.N. has sent his name in (privately) to members of the Committee; speaks of her great suffering till 'the end, that I long it may not be far distant
1. Thomas Patrick Matthew (1820-1865) served in the Crimea with distinction. After his death in Malta in 1865 F.N. took up the case of his widow and children for assistance from the Patriotic Fund (see E.13,527,557) 2. George Eleazer Blenkins (d. 1894) F.R.C.S., lecturer on anatomy and physiology, St.Mary's Hospital; and on military surgery, anatomy and physiology at St.George's Hospital Medical School.

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