9_175 7/10/62

Hampstead, N=.
7 Oct. 1862
Thanks him for sending her Dr. Muirlsi remarks and asks him to tell Dr. M. how grateful she is to him for preventing the publication of her private Report2; she cannot conceive haw it came into the Bishop of London's hands; when at the time of S. Herbert's death the American Government wrote for all these things she sent the Blue Books etc. but not 'this'.
lp Typed copy B.M. Add.MSS.45798.f.68
1. (Sir) William Mure Muir (1818-1885) served in the Crimea amd China; 1860 P.M.0 of force sent to Canada; during the American Civil War he visited the U.S. Army and reported on the medical and surgical arrangements of the Army.
2. Notes on matters affecting the health ... of the British Army (Biobibliography, no.50, p.50).

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