8_747 1860


'I must trouble you to return me this also'; hospital statistics; St. Bartholomew's unquestionably the best, and Guy's unquestionably the worst; 'I an like Professor Tyndall, if he had broken both his wrists at the top of the WeisshornJ her Chief is dead, and since Albert is dead too, the Commander in Chief has gone to the dogs entirely.
3p (first page(s) missing) Mr. Henry Schuman 1961
1. John Tyndall (1820-1893) natural philosopher and physicist became an accomplished Alpine mountaineer as a result of a visit to Switzerland in 1856 for the purpose of studying the structure of glacier ice. In 1860 he made one of the earliest assaults on the Matterhorn and in 1861 was the first man to climb the Weisshorn.

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