8_688 5/10/61

5 Oct. 1861
Offers to show the Miss Merrryweathers' the working of St. Thomas's Hospital; refers to her advice on the planning of the Manchester Infirmary; death of Sidney Herbert; Mr. Gladstone; the War Office.
1. Miss Mary Merryweather, after nursing at King's College Hospital and St. Thomas's Hospital, was appointed Lady Superintendent at the Liverpool Training School for nurses at a salary of 100. Her sister, Elizabeth, was appointed assistant superintendent. (Register of the Nightingale training school 1861-1883, GTER. LOND. RECS.) In One Hundred Years of District Nursing, Mary Stocks quotes Rosalind Paget on 'the two Miss Merryweathers from Liverpool, one never seen without her bonnet, one never without her gloves. Naturally they were knowm as Bonnet and Gloves. Bonnet was very stern. Gloves was very gentle and kind.'

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