7_649 10/7/61

[ca. 10 July 1861]

Asks for advice as to what to do about the request from the Organisers of the 1862 International Exhibition that she should join the Ladies' Committee; 'I answered privately that I could not indoctrinate all these fools - but that I would do for him what I have done for every fool for the last 3 years viz. look over & criticize the invention.'
lp B.M. Add.MSS.45797.f.228
This note is written on the back of a letter from F.R. Sandford dated 4 July 1861 (f.226) soliciting F.N.'s support for the section on 'Cottage furniture, culinary, washing and baking apparatus for the labouring classes and sick roam and hospital appliances' planned for the 1862 International Exhibition of which Sandford was organising secretary.

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