7_555 25/2/61

30 Old Burlington Street
25 Feb. 1861
Death of Adshead of Manchester, her best pupil; 'he was a man who could hardly write or speak the Queen's English (I believe he raised himself) and was now agent in Manchester. He was d man of very ordinary abilities; common-place appearance, vulgar but never unbusiness-like which is, 1 think, the worst kind of vulgarity. Having made % competency", he did not give up business, but devoted himself to good works for Manchester - and there is scarcely a good thing in Manchester of which he has not been the main-stay or the source - the schools, Infirmary, paving and draining, water supply etc. etc.'; the trouble he took over the transplantation of the Spitalfields and Coventry weavers; the greatness which made him at 60 learn new dodges and new fangled ideas in order to benefit his native city; St. George's Hospital have embezzled A. Morley's legacy for a convalescent Branch and Adshead was trying to institute chancery proceedings against them; she does not want to be dragged into the squabble, and so is against publishing her tribute.
20p B.M. Add.MSS.45792.f.134
Quoted COOK, 1, 424

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