7_541 1/2/61

30 Old Burlington Street
1 Feb. 1861
Criticises Dr. MeGhie's article in the Glasgow Abdical Journal; the best thing that could happen to Glasgow Infirmary would be that it should be burnt down; Norman Chevers'2four numbers would be very useful if condensed; examinations for the Army Medical School.
1. On the reconstruction of the Glasgow Infirmary.
2, Norman Chevers (1818-1886) M.D. , secretary to the Medical Board Calcutta 1855-1861; President of the Bengal Social Science Association 1870. The 'four numbers' presumably refers to Chevers' work 'A brief review of the means of preserving the health of European soldiers in India, Calcutta pt.i 1858, pt,3 1860 - apparently a rare work as I have only been able to find mention of parts 1 and 3. S.G.

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