7_376 13/8/60

30 Old Burlington Street
13 Aug. 1860
Miss Bonham Carter has told F.N. that Mr. Rathbone wants her criticism; annexed MS attempts to define something of the nature of a nurse; F.N. is not at all satisfied 'with our Diet table at St. Thomas's', but will send her own scheme for Harley Street and Miss Jones of King's College Hospital; 'The fact is, you cannot diet women, especially nurses, according to a table, and this is one fault at St. Thomas's. You want variety, you want care to supply them with puddings and vegetables, (various) and you thus keep them in much better health and efficiency than with "so many Ibs of meat and so many lbs of bread daily". They should however, always have meat twice a day on the table offered to them, a good Superintendent had indeed much better be left to consult the tastes of her nurses than be bound down to dietaries; experience must decide her; encloses time table of St. Thomas's with which also she is not satisfiet but a good superintendent must not be too much bound down by rules; also encloses the 'character sheet' which must be favourably filled up before any nurse can 'pass % 'I quite agree with you that Missionary Nurses are the end and aim of all our work. Hospitals are after all but an intermediate stage of civilization. Mhile devoting my life to Hospital work, to this conclusion I have always come, viz: that Hospitals are not the best place for the sick poor, except for severe surgical cases'; should Mr. Rathbone be in London again within the term of her life, and wish to discuss any points, she will be happy and willing to do so; forwards a copy of her little book on nursing.
3p Typed copy B.M. Add.MSS.47753.f.16

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