7_375 9/8/60

30 Old Burlington Street
9 Aug. 1860
Thanking Dr. Parkes for his letter and enclosed syllabus of the course of lectures on Hygienel at the Army Medical School; she has nothing to add to Dr. Sutherland's answer, but would be glad to give any assistance she can with his practical lectures; she is overjoyed at the prospect of the good he is doing% but she does not think one lecture on statistics will be enough; offers Mrs.
Parkes a copy of the 2nd edition of her little book on nursing.
4p last p. missing GTER. LOND. REC. OFF.
2p typed copy B.M Add.MSS. 45773.f.13
I. Dr. E. A. Parkes (see B65 n.2) was appointed Professor of Hygiene to the Army Medical School, Fort Pitt in 1860.
The syllabus referred to is in B.M. Add.MSS.45773.f.11

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