6_5 11/11/57

30 Old Burlington Street
11 Nov. 1857
Disposition of money; she has not the slightest idea of what her money amounts to; suggests it could be used to build better Barracks with day rooms, gymnastic places, reading rooms, etc., not forgetting the wives; Sir J. McNeill, Mr. Herbert, and Dr. Sutherland would best carry out such a scheme; she would like to give Beatrice a few hundred for Lea Hurst or any other school - a few hundred to Aunt Mai to publish her (Aunt Mails) stuff and a few to the Cloughs' 1 children: with regard to the Fund she has a few suggestions as to the defects in Hospital Nursing which Clough had printed.
7p B.M. Add.MSS.45792.f.71
1. A. H. Clough married F.N.'s cousin Blanche Smith in 1854. He acted as Secretary to the Nightingale Fund from 1857 until 1861, and as F.N.'s personal secretary in his spare time. (Clough's relationship with F.N. is discussed by Katherine Chorley in Arthur Hugh Clough, Oxford Clarendon Press, 1962, pp 315-323, his correspondence with F.N. coverting the years 1858-61 is in the British Museum, Add. MSS.45795.)

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