6_284 2/2/60

30 Old Burlington Street
2 Feb. 1860
Irreparable loss in the death of Alexander ' the Director General, and the difficulty of finding a successor; Taylor2 of Chatham, and Balfour are the only two she can name; Lord Clyde3 is beside himself at the stupidity of Doctors shown in the Indian affair especially; Linton4 and Gordon5.
lp Typed copy B.M. Add.MSS.45768.f.109
1. F.N.'s tribute to Alexander, in the form of a letter to Sir Harry Verney written at this time, was published in a number of news papers and medical journals in 1862 (See Biobibliography no.119, p. 114).
2. John Robert Taylor (1810-1892) Principal Medical Officer, Chatham 1859-1861. Dr. James Brown Gibson became Director General.
3. Sir Colin Campbell (see B 149 n.3) was raised to the peerage as Lord Clyde of Clydesdale in 1858. The Indian affair referred to was presumably the Indian Mutiny of 1857.
4. Linton was Inspector General of Her Majesty's Forces in Calcutta at the time of the Siege of Lucknow.
5. ? Charles Alexander Gordon received the C.B. at the seige of Lucknow.

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