6_209 10/5/59

10 May 1859

'Private'; choice of a 'seventh devil' as harmless as possible for the Indian Sanitary Commission; there does not appear to be any 'Queen's Officer' of any ability at all who is now at home; Tulloch is out of the question; Sir E. Lugard declines; the choice is between Greathed and Col. Alisoni; she would be a hEa py woman if she could get Sir. J. Lawrencel& opinion; Sir R. Vivian 'must also be soaped so as not to let him think that we undervalue his opinion for Lawrence's - but you will manage this.'
3p B.M. Add.MSS.45792.f.83
1. Col. (Sir) Archibald Alison (1826-1907) Military Secretary to Sir Colin Campbell in India.
2. Sir Robert John Hussey Vivian (1802-1887) Indian Army. 1855 appointed Director of the East India Company; 1858, Member of newly appointed Council of India.
3. John Laird Mair Lawrence, lst Baron Lawrence (1811-1879) was well known to F.N. for his work in India for several years before he called on her in 1861. Thereafter he became one of her heroes, and for the years of his Governorship they were in continuous correspondence on Indian Sanitary affairs, though it seems that in this case F.N.'s admiration for Lawrence possibly outstripped his for her. (See Cook, Woodham Smith for details of F.N.'s relations with Lord Lawrence; Sir R. Temple, Lord Lawrence, London, MacKillan, 1889; D. Pal, Administration of Sir Joh12n Lawrence in India (1864-1869), Simla, 1952.) Lawrence's letters to F.N. for the period 1862-79 are in the British Museum, B.M. Add.MSS.45777.

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