6_2 6/11/57

6 Nov. 1857

Disposition of the mone y of the Nightingale Fund in the event of her death; she knows no one but Mrs. Shaw Stewart who would do anything but harm with it; suggests that the best thing would be to leave it to St. Thomas's where the very good Matroni and a very sensible Resident Medical Officer, Mr. Whitfield, have a great idea of raising the nurses; her gratitude and shame for the possession of Uncle Sam's wife.
4p B.M. Add.MSS.45792.f.68
1. Mrs. Wardroper (see C 337 note 1 for biographical note). It is evident from this remark that St. Thomas's nursing was already undergoing reform. F.N. had visited the hospital before going to the Crimea in 1854 when Mrs. Wardroper had just been appointed and even then she had been very much impressed by Mrs. Wardroper, and when she finally made up her mind about what to do with the Nightingale Fund in 1859, F.N. decided to set up her school at St. Thomas's, with Mrs. Wardroper as Training Matron over her Probationers.

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