6_116 5/11/58

30 Old Burlington Street
5 Nov. 1858
Tribute to the English Soldier; 'The English soldier is worth suffering a good deal for - poor fellow'; the Army Doctors have been given the greatest lift a Scientific profession has ever had by the Army Medical Warrant of 1 Oct. 1858]; regrets there is little likelihood of meeting again this side of the grave; it is 15 months since she left her rooms except to go to Malvern, but she has never had less than 10-16 hours work daily; in P.S. 'With regard to the Crimean rewards, I believe it was only necessary for a man to haze a cloud upon him, and he might be made a K.C.B. Any share in bringing about the catastrophe, however serious such a share might be, was a qualification for a reward or an honour. But surely that is natwhat we covet.'
80 New Bond Street
1. Published in full in the Lancet, 1858, ii, 432. See Appendix V.

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