5_432 10/4/57

Granton House, Edinburgh
10 April 1857
Sir John MeNeill has persuaded her to stay on in Edinburgh; 'you, can do very well without F.N. 'If you will but make a good stand-up fight? But in that. I conceive I am the better soldier of the two, am nDtl?l; discusses the Female Nursing and plans for the new hospital [Netley]; Dr. Alexanderl has arrived in London; she believes Lords Palmerston and Panmure are preparing the House of Commons for [Sutherlandls] appointment as sanitary adjunct to Andrew Smith; asks if Capt. Laffan2 is on the Committee.
4p B.M. Add.MSS.45796.f.177
1. Dr. Thomas Alexander (1812-1860) was very critical of the medical administration in the Crimea where he served with the Light Division. This made him a natural ally of F.N who exerted her influence to have him made Director General in 1858 on the retirement of Andrew Smith and in the place of Sir John Hall who would normally have succeeded to the position by reason of his seniority. Although the friendship cooled slightly at one stage F.N. was deeply distressed by his death and in a letter to Sir Harry Verney which was later published in several periodicals she eulogised him as a man and as Director General. (See Sir Zachary Cope, Florence Nightingale and the Doctors, London, Museum Press, 1958; Biobibliography, no.119, p.114.)
2. Capt. Robert Laffan was Deputy Inspector of Fortifications in which capacity he was appointed to the commission enquiring into the suitability of Netley.

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