5_426 28/3/57

30 Old Burlington Street,
28 March 1857
'Private and Confidential% she would be very glad to give him any help in his plans if he will accept it; 'Hospital Kit' for the men and Infirmary for women; she is no favourite with Dr. Andrew Smith which she deeply regrets; whatever improvements are made, must be made through Dr. Taylor while still at Chatham; Lord Panmure acceded to the 'Hospital Kit' some months ago; she therefore concludes she may put at Dr. Taylor's disposal the portion of the Free Gifts which has returned home; sends cheque for the Female Hospital, and she has thought much about soldiers' wives2; she hopes Taylor does not think her a 'turbulent character3p
1. John Robert Taylor (1810-1892) F.R.C.S., was in medical charge of the Third Division before Sebastopol; he devised a scheme of systematic classification and tabulation of gunshot wounds that was adopted in all army returns. In 1859 he became Principal Medical Officer at Fort Pitt, Chatham, which had been converted into a general military hospital in 1849 and was used during the Crimean War as a reception centre for the Sick and wounded. It was here that the Army Medical School opened in 1860 before it removed to Netley in 1863.
2. The position of the soldiers' wives and families had b een forcibly brought to F.N.'s attention at Scutari where no provision had been made for them although it was accepted custom they should follow the army. She had them organised and set to help under Lady Alicia Blackwood (see 91 n.1) and spent considerable sums from the Times fund and from her own purse in helping them. On her return she did not neglect their welfare in her scheme for Army reform and devoted a section to Soldiers' Wives in Notes on matters affecting the health, ... pp.457-476 (Biobibliography mo.50 P&O.) 3. Panmure called F.N. 'a turbulent fellow'.

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