5_423 23/3/57

30 Old Burlington Street,
23 March 1857
Discusses his MS which she has despatchedl; she fears the British Army Medical Corps never will be raised to the level of the French and Austrian; tIn England money is everything, in France the scientific man, whether he makes money or not, enjoys the position which science gives in France and money only gives in England'; now that the Civil medical schools have so risen in England she would have the army doctors do their basic training in the Civil hospitals and when they have their diploma take a further two years' course in clinical medicine, clinical surgery, pathology and Sanitary Science in a Military Hospital; his account of foreign schools is most interesting but she wishes he had been more critical; the Sanitary ignorance of our Army Medical Department.
4p B.M. Add.MSS.45796.f.154
1. Experiences of a civilian in Eastern military hospitals.

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