5_414 20/2/57

20 Feb. 1857

F.N.'s rage at the insult of the offer of 1000 to Col. Tulloch ; if he and Sir J. McNeill do not put a letter in the Times she will; 'Do you know 1 am sure the British Lion will sympathize in this insult: And if it does not, then it is a degraded beast'; she wishes to tell Mr. Herbert this is Airey's doing, for Palmerston is a gentleman tho' Panmure is not.
2p B.M. Add.MSS.45796.f.146
1. After the appearance of the Report of the Chelsea Board exonerating the officers indicted by the MeNeill-Tulloch Report, the Commissioners were offered 1000 each which both declined. Correspondence relating to the offer was presented to Parliament (Appendix Il.) (See Cook, 1, 336 et seq. for McNeill-Tulloch affair).

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