5_413 13/2/57

22 Albermarle St, W.
13 Feb. 1857
The only chance for Dr. Becherl is now in Lord Belper's2 personal application to Lord Panmure; Dr. Andrew Smith said he can give no appointment to Dr. Becher; Sir James Clark and Deputy Inspector Dr. Bell of Portsmouth will speak of Dr. Becher's high professional ability and remarkable services especially in the point of pathology; 'as a friend, 1 should recommend Dr. Becher to give up & go to Vienna, where science is rewarded and encouraged'.
1. Dr. Emil Becher (1828-1884) M.D. TUbingen, attempted in 1855 to obtain a commission as Assistant Surgeon but was refused on the grounds that he only had a foreign degree and that he had not been naturalized. He did however obtain employment by the War Office in a civil capacity and was sent to China with the forces as a pathologist. On his return he was placed at Fort Pitt, and by some back door did succeed in obtaining a commission in the Army Medical Department. His case was commented on in an unfavourable leading article in the Lancet, 1862, 1j, 682, though he was not mentioned by name. But the following week Dr. Becher replied in a signed letter explaining the circumstances of his appointment.
2. Edward Strutt, Ist Baron Belper (1801-1880).

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