5_412 9/2/57

22 Albermarle Street,
9 Feb. 1857
Asks him to lend her his copy of her notes on Southampton Hospital as she has left her own at Combe Hurst; the War Office people mean to do nothing about anything; the W.O. 'have lost their best servants in you and me because we are the only people I know who would have done it without credit, without pay, and with all our hearts and minds ... What am I to do? No one can feel for the army as I do - These people, who talk to us, have all fed their children on the fat of the land, and dressed them in velvet and silk, while we have been away. I have had to see my children dressed in a dirty blanket and an old pair of Regimental trousers, and see them fed on raw salt meat and rum and biscuit - and nine thousand of my children are lying from causes which might have been prevented, in their forgotten graves. But I can never forget'; Genl. Storks comes to see her tomorrow but she does not know whether he can do anything 'for us'; asks whether it might do any good if she goes to Lord Palmerston.
8p B.M. Add.MSS.45796.f.139

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