5_410 2/2/57

30 Old Burlington Street,
2 Feb. 1857
In answer to his questions: Dr. Andrew Smith does not think civil physicians were ever employed in the army in previous wars; dispensers were always employed; length of service for soldiers was life or 21 years; the sending out of the pathological commission was proposed by her and supported by S. Herbert and Sir James Clarkl, but she asks Dr. Pincoffs not to put this in his book 'as it would be a means of discouraging the success of that (very) scientific element, which we so much wish to see introduced into our Army Med. DeptT; gives details of the Harley Street Institution for educated women, and the similar Institution in Paris, the Maison de Sant6; 'I think the deep feeling I have of the miserable position of educated women in England was gained while I was there 1Harley St.] (or rather of half-educated women)'; Lord Stratford has given away the post of Physician to the Embassy to a Dr. Dickson; since her return she has visited most of the naval and military Hospitals by order of Ld. Panmure; the naval Hospitals are very good except in regard to nursing, but she has not one to compare with Scutari in May 155 among the military hospitals; tBad organization, in Sanitary knowledge equal to those of 500 years ago, nursing nil, construction execrableh her own answers to his questions more correct than Dr. Smith's - e.g. Civil physicians were employed after Waterloo; details of the historical development of army and navy officers,
10p B.M. Add.MSS.45796.f.134
1. The Pathological Commission, composed of Dr. Robert D. Lyons and his Assistant, William Aitken, arrived at Scutari in April 1855, and had to face great difficulties in the form of official obstruction and lack of suitable accommodation and instruments. The Commissioners reported in March 1856 on the Pathologg of the diseases in the army in the East, London, Eyre and Spottiswoode'for H.M.S.O., 1856. (See 123 n.2; Appendix 1, 4).

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