5_373 1/11/56

30 Old Burlington Street,
1 Nov. 1856
She accepts his appointment for Tuesday; her fear of Dr. Smith; what can one do with 'a very honest man, without vanity, conscientious and abhorring popularity, without benevolence sincerely believing old ways the best and that there is no great improvement to be made in this world, a Roman Catholic who always prefers the sanction of authority ... !; her high opinion of the efficiency and independence of Drs. Alexander and Lawson; answers Dr. Smithts charges that she never informed him of what was wanted; she recalls writing every night to the War Department, to Lord Stratford, to Lord Raglan, about the deficiencies; why did Smith not write to her?; she recalls she had two or three interviews with him in the company of Mr. Herbert or the Duke of Newcastle and Smith simply looked on her as a caprice of these two men.

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