5_361 1/10/56

Birk Hall, Ballater
1 Oct. 1856
Concerning Ann Sinclairl, guilty of drunkenness, who is pestering her with letters; asks Uncle Sam to refer Mrs. Sinclair to her agreements which state that if discharged for intoxication she forfeits all further claim, and furthermore she got her passage home from compassion; F.Ms success in converting Prince Albert and General Grey2.
3p B.M. Add.MSS.45792.f.63
1. Ann Sinclair's letter to F.N. asking for a statement regarding her services is in the B.M. Add.MSS.43401.f.254; her claim on the War Office for travelling expenses, B.M. Add.MSS.45792.f.65.
2. General Charles Grey (1804-1870) was Treasurer and Private Secretary to Prince Albert 1849-1861.

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