5_341 26/8/56

Lea Hurst, Matlock, Derby
26 Aug. 1856
'Private'; she rejoices in the D. of Cambridge'sl favourable reception of 'our plea' and trusts that Dr. Andrew Smith's soporific influence may not reach H.R.H.; she does not think it would do any good to use her name but offers her private help, pecuniary or personal.
4p B.M. Add.MSS.45796.f.68
1. George William Frederick Charles, 2nd Duke of Cambridge (1819-1904) was the son of Adolphus Frederick, youngest son of George III. The Duke of Cambridge was given command of a Division in the Crimea in 1854. In 1856 he succeeded Fieldmarshal Lord Hardinge as General Commanding in Chief.

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