5_340 8/56

[ca. Aug. 1856]

She is grateful to him for showing her letter to the Magnates of the War Office; 'but 1 fear I should not forward our common object by furnishing a memorandum under my own name for criticism by the Medical Department ... but if I could find a mouthpiece not obnoxious to the same hostility I would gladly give every suggestion that has occurred to me to be worked up and promulgated for the benefit of the service'; she would have much pleasure in conferring with himself and Sir B. Hawes on the subject; with regard to any good she could do in the London civil hospitals 'I am quite convinced that I could do nothing with the N. Fund at present. No reformer ever began with the conditions with which I am called upon to begin. With the buz-fuz which is about my name now, I should simply succeed in collecting about me a good many of the vain or needy or frivolous elements of society.'
3p B.M. Add.MSS.45796.f.70

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