4_98 8/55

[Aug. 1855]

Account of the death of some man; F.N. is glad the Bfracebridgels have gone; the weather has been dreadful; but the poor washermen come with the cry of no water, while the hospital is flooded; letters from heartbroken friends have begun again; the Allobrogesi are dreadful and come round, one howling for mourning which Lady Alicia had already given her; the corridors are filling again now the hospitals at the front are emptying; F.N. has been obliged to buy a cargo of lemons or the hospitals would have come off minus; asks for prints for the new Caffe; she is very tired from packing stores, some for the Sardinians who are quite destitute; a child has sent her his wooden soldier without an arm; they expect General Storks daily.
4p Copy incomplete CLAYDON
1. See no.113 n.1

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