4_51 15/3/55

Barrack Hospital, Scutari
15 March 1855
Asking him to visit two sick Sisters (Mrs. Langstonl and Miss Terrot2) and three sick nurses when their ship the Adelaide arrives at Malta.
lp Typed copy B.M. Add.MSS.43401.f.52
1. Also called Mother Eldress. Many of the older women who went out as Nurses, especially the ladies, were called 'Mrs.' purely as a matter of courtesy, thus Mrs. Langston, Mirs. Bridgeman, Mrs. Shaw Stewart were not married.
2. Sarah Anne Terrot, a Sellonite sister, later became Mrs. Wardroper's assistant at St. Thomas's. Her correspondence with F.N. covering the period 1857-1868 is in the British Museum Add0SS.47742.

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