4_39 21/2/55

21 Feb. 1855
Asks if Miss Stanley will recommend Miss Cloughl to go home or to volunteer for Koulali; Mrs. Bul12; she fears that Koulali will be left without a head; Miss Tebbutt is appointed to the General Hospital; asks M.S.to recommend someone to govern Koulali until further help comes from England; F.N. will go to Balaclava as soon as the pressure lessens; asks,M.S,to answer a letter from Mrs, Hunt; Lady Erskine refuses to allow Harriet3 to go to Balaclava; Sister Sarah Ann has fever and is in bed; Mrs. Drake is ill; Mrs. Grundy4 is far too giddy for Mother Eldress15 hand.
1. Miss Clough broke away from the party and went to join Sir Colin Campbell (Woodham Smith, Florence Nightingale, p.215)
2. Mrs. Bull, the widow of a major in the militia, was reported in the Military Register (Gter. Lond. Rec. Off.) to be 'Perfectly useless and very troublesome' on the one hand; but Mary Stanley added 'Others say she worked hard and well.' 3. The Hon. Harriet Erskine was one of the Sellonite sisters sent out in F.N.'s original party. She was sent to the Naval Hospital at Therapia under Mrs. Mackenzie, and later became Superintendent there.
4. Mrs. E. Grundy a widow aged thirty-one from the Middlesex returned in November 1855 with a high recommendation from F,N. (Register of Military Nurses, Gter. Lond. Rec. Off.) 5. Mother Eldress, Miss Langston, came out with Mary Stanley.

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