4_284 30/5/56

General Hospital, Balaclava
30 May 1856
Her return home; she will remain to the last nurse; disposal of the surplus free gifts; departure of the Reverend Mother; she will ask Lord Ellesmerel about the Crimean Fund stores; discusses her plans for the future; she would like to discharge herself of all responsibility and to work as a nurse in some foreign hospital; her health is too much broken for a position of responsibility and power; the fate of the McNeill report makes her despair; she will answer no questions except from the Queen, Lord Panmure and Sir B. Hawes.
1. Francis Egerton, lst Earl of Ellesmere (1800-1857) Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire. Ellesmere was a great admirer of F.N. and supported her in the House of Lords; F.N. had him appointec TO hu- Muncil oŁ tho xlghtlnzalo P"-& when it was set up.

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