4_233 6/3/56

6 March 1856
She is anxious to correct the false impression he has that she has enjoyed steady and consistent support from the War Office; she has always fought her own battles unsupported by any official except General Storks; hindrance caused by'petty officials, especially the Deputy Purveyor, Fitzgerald; 'this little Fitzgerald has starved every hospital when his store was full - and not from ignorance like some of the honourable who have been our murderers, but from malice prepense., Complains bitterly about Cardinal Wisemanl, Mr. Hawes, Mrs. Bridgeman.
B.M. Add.MSS.45792.f.17
1. Nicholas Patrick Stephen Cardinal Wiseman (1802-1865).
There is nothing about Mother Bridgeman, the Crimea or F.N. in Wilfrid Ward's Life and Times of Cardinal Wiseman, London, Longmans, 1897. Unlike Cardinals Manning and Newman he seems not to have concerned himself with the religious problems which arose in the Crimea and which reflected the wider questions of Catholic emancipation and civil rights.

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