4_225 3/3/56

Barrack Hospital, Scutari
3 March 1856
Encloses Treasury Bill for 500; by writing a most impertinent letter to the Purveyor in Chief she got her 1100 by return of mail; the impertinence of the War Office Clerks, especially John Milton; in the list of Medical AC.B.1si she sees but one name of those who humanely and stedfastly withstood the prince of Red Tape and inhuman routine Sir John Hall; what honest man can ever care for official honours again; she is tired of Talbot of Peterboro' who has written to Mr. Herbert, Bracebridge, Uncle Sam and herself about the 1 his son never gave her; the trouble over Mrs. Bridgeman's going to Balaclava; asks for the account for Stoves paid by Papa; half the stoves are going p to the Crimea with Soyer.
gp B.M. Add.MSS.45792.f.12
1. When she saw the Crimean honours list F.N. declared that K.C.B. must stand for Knight of the Crimean Burying Grounds.

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