4_185 6/1/56

Barrack Hospital, Scutari
6 Jan. 1856
Uncle Samls kind arrangement to forward the soldiers' savings to their wives, mothers, etc., by postal order through F.N.1; Harry Carter or Parthe will help him; Harry Carter's are the only boxes she receives which don't cost her hours of trouble as a result of his business-like methods; the nurses' clothing sent out by Lady Canning and Mrs. Bracebridge still has not turned up; she feels like a culprit in detaching his wife, dear Aunt Mai.
3p B.M. Add.MSS.45792.f.1
1. Although Panmure maintained in Parliament that adequate arrangements already existed for the troops to remit money home if they wished, most preferred to trust F.N.'s private banking arrangements by which she received as much as 1000 a month in small sums which her uncle, Samuel Smith, sent on to the dependents in England, and even on occasion to Germany.

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