4_180 1855

[Balaclava, 1855]

She has written to Mr. Hawes the whole account of the 'Papal aggression' at the General Hospital, Balaclava; Miss Wear's misdemeanoursi; she has written to General Simpson and to Dr. Hall; she hears with sorrow that Gibson has been acquitted and has no doubt that Salisbury took the galloshes; distribution of the free gift stores; asks for gelatine to be sent from England; asks who paid for the side saddle and chests of drawers at Malta; Salisbury has gone home by the Earl of Aberdeen.
1. Miss Wear, who claimed to have had experience in foreign ffis S hospitals during seventeen years abroad, was appointed in Acne Superintendent of the General Hospital, Balaclava by Miss Stanley and Dr. Hall. According to F.N. she had high qualities but was unsuited to be superintendent. (Register of military Nurses, Gter. Land. Rec. Off.)

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