4_161 11/55

[Nov. 1855?1]
Games for the troops; black lace taken by Miss Salisbury; list of nursesI who have gone home wnd of those who remain to fight against the Pope and Dr. Hall in the Crimea.
4p Imperfect CLAYDON
1. This list, 8 pages of foolscap is in the possession of the Wellcome Institute. Headed 'List of Nurses and Sisters who have ceased to be employed in the Hospitals of Scutari and Balaclava, November 30 1855], it includes tables showing rates of pay and length of service, cause of dismissal or retirement. In a period of 13 months 64 out of 108 nurses had to be sent home for various reasons, 12 Roman Catholic Nuns seceded, and 32 of the original party remained in service.
Miss Nightingale's conclusions are particularly interesting: 'It may therefore be inferred that the Female Staff will require renewing about every two years for the following reasons;
1. on account of the Climate and other causes of disease.
2. because intoxication, tacitly admitted as unavoidable among Nurses in London Hospitals, must, in Military Hospitals, be sternly checked, by dismissal at the first offence, in order to carry on the work at all.
3. because, with every care exercised in the selection (which unfortunately has not always been the case) a certain proportion of incompetents or adventurers, tempted by high pay, by vanity or curiosity, or because they cannot live at home, will always be amongst those sent out.
4. because women, as well as men, will fall home-sick at the end of one or two years, and are then of little use to the Queen's service.
But, taking all these draw-backs into consideration which apply (not more but perhaps) less to the female than to any other branch of the service, it is obvious that the experiment of sending Nurses to the East has been eminently successful, and that the supplying trained instruments to the hands of the Medical Officers has saved much valuable life and remedied many deficiencies.'

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