4_154 16/11/55

Castle Hospital, Balaclava
16 Nov. 1855
Duties of Mrs. Brownlowl and of the household servants; nurses and servants for officers; she does not think Mr. Bracebridge intends to return after his lecture as reported in the Times2; machinations of Dr. Hall; the Wear, Clough and Bridgeman rebellions.
1. Wife of Serjeant Brownlow of the Coldstream Guards, for whom a special entry was made in the Register of Military Nurses (Gter. Lond. Rec. Off.) that she was not engaged as a nurse but was 'highly remarkable for invariable sobriety, respectability, honesty, her industrious habits, and really superior conduct: one who has done good service.' Her baby provided the model for the Chapter on 'Minding Baby' in Notes on Nursing for the Labouring Classes (Biobibliography no.6 p.19) 2. See 144 n.1

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