4_152 14/11/55

Castle Hospital, Balaclava
14 Nov. 1855
The expedition to Kaffa is countermanded; Lothian remains here for the winter; in 10 days he blows up the famous dockyards of Sebastopol; command of the campaign at Nicholaieff; refers to Codrington and Wyndham; Dr. John Hall is going back to his rupees in India and everybody seems to breathe more freely; account of her last interview with Lord Raglan; her father's views on the place of women in the world; effect of Hall's departure on her future; asks for a cuckoo clock to be sent out as a present for Mrs. Stewart; 'It must make a noise, not a little silvery voice like mine'.
1. The circumstances of the expedition to Kaffa Bay on the Blacklea where the Russians landed stores was typical of the chaotic military organisation which bedevilled the whole Crimean campaign. Twelve thousand men were embarked, but at the last minute the French troops were recalled, so the whole expedition had to be cancelled. (George MaeMunn, The Crimea in Perspective, London, Bell, 1935)

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