4_146 6/11/55

Castle Hospital, Balaclava
[? AUNT MAI] 6 Nov. 1855
Miss Ecuyerl had better be under Revd, Mother to learn her trade until Miss Morton comes back; Revd. Mother must take all the linen stores with Miss Ecuyer under her to look after the Sempstresses; discusses who should supervise various other stores; asks how is Sister Gonzaga; tomb for John Herring Whitwell made by Lepti should not cost more than 11; F.N. asks her correspondent to pay; she has found out Sayer, Millard and Akers; asks her correspondent to send the histories of Ward and Morris at Scutari; F.N. thinks Salisbury's delinquency is the cause of Robbin's supposed illness; Sansom must go home with DavIs '
4p Unfinished CLAYDON
1. Miss Ecuyer, who was in charge of the Linen stores at a wage of 18s a week, was said to have 'high qualities but a peculiar temper.' (Register of Military Nurses, Gter. Lond. Rec. Off.)

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