4_133 28/10/55

Castle Hospital, Balaclava
28 Oct. 1855
Asks her to read the enclosed letter to Mt. Bracebridge and to take a copy of it and of Miss Wysels letter; further evidence of Miss Stanley's treachery; she thinks the letter should also be read to General Storksi,
1. General (Sir) Henry Knight Storks (1811-1874) was placed in 4d. bo charge of the British establishments from the Bosphorus to Smyrna in 4i4WigiT 1855. He succeeded Lord William Paulet as Commandant at Scutari where he supported F.N.'s reforms wholeheartedly. In 1857 F.N., recalling his concern for the welfare of his men, had him appointed a member of the Royal Commission on the sanitary state of the army. In 1859 he was appointed High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands, and in 1864 he became Governor of Malta. F.N. continued to correspond with him intermittently for a number of years on matters of mutuil interest.

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