4_119 19/10/55

Castle Hospital, Balaclava
19 Oct. 1855
She has been appointed twelve months today, land what a twelvemonth of dirt it has been, of experience which would sadden not a life but an eternity'; 'my cause has been betrayed by everyone, ruined, betrayed, destroyed by everyone alas'; except Mrs. Roberts, Revd. Motherl and Mrs. Stewart; she never expected the Bracebridges would come back, so Aunt Mails news is not such a shock; 'also I find much less difficulty in getting on here without him than with him'; she is in the midst of reading-rooms, boring for water, felting huts for the winter, etc.; Dr. Hall's opposition; Generals Airey2 and Barnard3 are very kind; her determination to stay with the army as long as it has General Hospitals; there is nothing she could better do in England; Soyer was called a humbug for leaving things half done and turning to others while the first task goes to ruin; Drs. Hall and Hadley plotted to send her back in a vessel which was not going to stop at Scutari; urges Aunt Mai to return home before winter.
8P B.M. Add.MSS.45793.f.106
1. Georgina Moore (1814-ca. 1880) Mother Superior of the Convent of Our Lady of Mercy, Bermondsey, took four nuns in F.N.'s original party. F.N. never ceased to proclaim her deep gratitude to the Rev. Mother for her loyal support through all the difficulties brought about by sectarian strife.
The part played by the Bermondsey party is described in Grace Ramsay, 1homas Grant, First Bishop of Southwark, London, Smith and Elder, 1874.
2. Richard Airey, lst Baron Airey (1803-1881) Quartermaster General in the Crimea, 1854-1855; Cep,c v 7-e~llo-e 4. ~n :3. Sir Henry William Barnard (1799-1857) Chief of Staff, commanded 2nd Division of British Army in the Crimea.

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