4_113 27/9/55

Barrack Hospital, Scutari
27 Sept. 1855
F.N. encloses bill for curtains; she has given Lady Alicia 50 for the Allobrogesi; she cannot make plans for what she will do when she goes home2; unpaid labour has failed here so miserably land paid too for that matter'3 that she thinks a Kaiserswerth, if it grows up in London, must do so by very slow degrees and not with a grand Hospital and a grand subscription.
lp Typed copy B.M. Add.MSS.43397.f.168
Part quoted in COOK, 1, 269
1. The women of the camp whom Lady Alicia Blackwood was looking after; this is presumably a reference to their nuisance value. The Allobroges were a tribe of ancient Gaul who harassed Hanniballs army on his march through the Alps into Italy; their wives and children encouraged them in battle with howling and crying.
2. Refers to the movement in England to show the nation's appreciation of F.N.'s services. A committee was formed with Sidney Herbert and S. C. Hall as honorary secretaries to raise a fund for the foundation of a school for nurses. F.N. did not wish at this time to be involved with any such scheme, but eventually in 1860, the Nightingale Training School was opened at St. Thomas's on the proceeds of the Fund.
3. This was not the view which F.N. expressed officially when commenting on the value of the nursing services which she appended to her List of Sisters and Nurses 30 November 1855 (Foolscap list in Wellcome Institute, see no. 161. 'Taking all these [previously mentioned] drawbacks into consideration... it is obvious that the experiment of sending Nurses to the East has been eminently successful, and that the supplying trained instruments to the hands of the medical officers has saved much valuable life and remedied many deficiencies.'

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