4_102 6/9/55

[After 6 Sept. 1855]
Transmitting extract from War Office Dispatch dated September 6 1855 and copies of letters from Dr. Hall and Mrs. Bridgemanl; the difficulty of her position in relation to Mrs. Bridgeman; she asks His Excellency to communicate the instructions under which she acts to Dr. Hall and Mrs. Bridgeman.
3p Signed by F.N. B.M. Add.MSS.43401.f.86
1. Mother Mary Frances Bridgeman J.1888), arrived with Mary Stanley's party at the head of a group of Irish nuns from Kinsale. She took over the nursing of the General Hospital at Balaclava and appeared to get on with Dr. Hall who supported her authority against F.N. The difficulties of F.N.'s position in the Crimea is fully discussed by Woodham-Smith and Cook. The other side of the picture has been dealt with jet by P1lee Bolster, Mother Mary Frances Bridgeman and the Irish Sisters of Mercy in the Crimean war, Cork University College, Thesis.

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