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15 Oct. l854

'My dear friend'; her plans for going to the Crimea; she hns letters from Dr. Andrew Smithl and Lord Clarendon2; her fate is entirely in the hands of Dr, Smith; co-operation to be expected from the NaiserswestL Sisters at Constantinople; Lady Maria Foreste& and Mrs. Clache have offered to go with her; begs her correspondent not to make eny unfavourable comment to Mrs. Nightingale.
1. Dr. Andrew Smith (1797-1872) was Director General of the Arn, Medical Department from 1853-1858. F0, held hiL largely responsible for the shortcomings of the medical ad=inistration, but his recomnepdations regarding cletbing and the provision of transport etc. based on the reports ef Dr, Linter (see 308 n,l) sent out specifically tc reporc on the nature of the country and its diseases, were largely ignGred by the military authorities. For F.N.'s dealings with Sir Andrew Smith, see Sir Zachary Cope, Florence Nilitingele and the Doctors, London, Museum Press, 1958.
2. George Willion Frederick Villiers 4th Earl of Clarendon, (1800-1870) became Foreign Secretary in the Aberdeen Cabin= in February 1853 in place of Lord Johr Russpil, He held the post until 1858.
Lady Maria Forester J.1894), widow of the Hon, Charles Weld Forester, was a lady of strong evangelical views devoted to good works.

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