3_659 2/3/53

2 March [1853]
F. N. 's opinion of Mignet and Ampire who came to dinner; news of Tom Appleton, Clarkey and Henrietta de Witt; F.N. has had the grippe; the abominable weather; Hillie goes on diligently; F.N.'s letter from Lady Canning - she thinks it likely she may help her; Brummagem goes on his course; the story in the papers about M. d'Hausonville is quite true; his own story of what he said and what the Police thought he said; a wisecrack about Madame la Duchesse Luynes; a failed com6die at the Frangais; the failure of the Contemplative Orders when not in their proper soil; F6n61on; the different receptions of mysticism in the Catholic and Protestant churches; the fate of the Carmelite Order; Manicheanism and Fetichism, the foreign elements from the East which have been really incorporated into Catholicism; examples of Fetishes in European Christianity; a long*discourse on religious principles.

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