36_54 [nd]

[continuation of 'yesterday's' letter'] re. a lady who gets on with a disagreeable agent; 'The thing is, a wise man has said that we must choose between influence and credit (the name) of the thing. We can't have both.' 'It is astonishing how enormous is the influence of those - what great works have been accomplished by those who have been content to work ... turning no one out - working with anyone, disagreeable or agreeable. It is indeed the secret of influence.' Hilary Bonham Carter's father who died in 1838 worked thus for the Reform Bill and to make it work; 'Must not every life to be complete have the bread of life and the wine of life? Some people take all the wine and never think of the solid bread, the drudgery, literary or otherwise, of life. Others drudge away manfully or womanfully [at the British Museum - deleted] at some literary or administrative work, and never think that they must have wine, the wine of associating sympathetically with their fellow creatures, especially the poor and the sick.'
8p In pencil B.M. Add.MSS.45795.f.224

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