36_124 1893

[ca. 1893-94]

a 'Private; Regulation Scheme, British Nurses' Association': considers that a simple register merely giving name, address and certificate from the nurses' training School would be unobjectionable but she asks where's the good; comments and criticisms of such a register; Nurses are calling for a Register and if they cannot register with the B.N.A. will register with Mr. Burdett's National Pension Association; the B.N.A. wants a Royal Charter to constitute itself a legal professional body; the Queen's daughter little knows how much harm she is doing.
llp In pencil draft for f.7 B.M. Add.MSS.47722.f.1
b 'Private & Confidential; Registration Scheme (British-Nurses Association). as above.
gp In pencil B.M. Add.MSS.47722.f.7

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