34_515 4/8/96

10 South Street, Park Lane W
4 Aug. 1896
'Private'; her pleasure in Mrs. Roundell's 'Letter to the W.1. Nurses' about the dear heroic saint Agnes Jones; Kaiserswerth - 'the nursing was nil, the hygiene horrible. But the tone was admirable'; Pastor Fliedner's addresses the best she ever heard; the hospital was certainly the worst part; she took all the training there was to be had; 'so far from Kaiserswerth having trained me, after having seen some of the best Hospitals on the continent, I went to Paris, saw the Augustinian Sisters there, who were not so good as the best trained English Nurses are now but like Saints to Savages then - I lived in a Mis6ricorde then. The Misericords under the Sisters of S. Vincent de Paul, did all the "petite chirurgie" of out door patients, like our District Nurses, but more than they, and all the Dispensing. They were, besides, the Relieving Officers - and we have nothing like it - they and they alone knew poor' etc.; details of her own career since; it is a pity so much of Agnes Jones' depression, so little of her divine unconquerable courage should have been preserved; criticises the Memorials; the most deplorable mistake was trying to make paupers into nurses by Mr. Rathbone; the failure of this depressed her; A.J.'s deafness; the Reforms since achieved; the modern danger said by doctors to be that 'those women know as many words as we do - but they don't know how to make a patient comfortable.' llp In pencil draft B.M. Add.MSS.45813.f.219

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