34_438 17/2/96

17 Feb. 1896

Thanks Miss Turton for her two letters and asks her to thank the Principessa Strongoli for her delightful letter; gives advice concerning the filling of a hospital post in Rome; knowledge of Italian essential and was one of the principal difficulties which led to F.N. suggesting Miss Turton come home and train herself; the other difficulty is the proposal that the applicant should do without pay and bear her own board expenses; F.N. could not advise her to make any offer to Miss Inane omitted in copy] and does not think Miss Pringle should be troubled with such a hopeless object; asks Miss Turton to say to Principessa di Strongoli that 'on the knees of my heart I present to her my grateful homage for all she is doing for the work, & especially for you'; F.N. will send Notes on Nursing as soon as she knows Miss Turton's address correctly.
1p 1/2p Typed copy B.M. Add.MSS.47759.f.186-7

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