33_76 10/6/94

10 South Street, Park Lane 'W
10 June 1894
'Private & Confidential; Mt. Burdettl; proposed official Directory for trained nurses; Mr. Burdett's letter opens question as to whether there is any analogy between ductoro and nurses; %N. fails altogether to see how schools can be freed from responsibility and It is ridiculous to construct a committee to determine the details when the Nurse Training Schools have not themselves determined these; problem of removal of names from the Directory; is the Directory to be overhauled every year; people are now all for objects and none for methods; questions the use of an editorial Committee for Nurses; Mr. Burdett's proposed Directory seems to F.N. to be indistinguishable from a Register.
7p B.M. Add.MSS.47755.f.299

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