32_1300 5/11/93

Inkerman Day, 5 Nov. 1893

Thanks for Louisals dear letters and telegrams; Mr. Jowett was at Lea Hurst when he received news he had been elected Master of Balliol on 2 Sept. 1870; F.N. has had a beautiful letter from Lord Lansdowne about him; but none can give the wonderful power of the man's individuality; 'how much a few can do. It is always the minority that works the great reforms - ' never the majority - One can't reconcile this with party government, just as one can't reconcile the survival of the fittest with Xtianity'; it is thirty-nine years since Inkerman, the soldiers' battle; how little real history there is in contemporary history or biography - The sources of action are never known or told; tells how the leaderless outnumbered men held their position against overwhelming odds; had they broken, the Russians might haxe overrun Europe; when she was asked for a subscription, she begged for a toast to the men who fell at Inkerman; her letter was published and then her punishment began, with reporters and Committees plaguidg her to write letters for them; she has sent a paper to the Leeds Conference on Rural Hygienel.
lop B.M. Add.MSS.46176.f.69
1. Biobibliography, no.22, p.34.

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